The main heroine of the story is both a human and a rabbit, capable of switching forms at will. Mimi was just an ordinary bunny rabbit until she went too deep into the rabbit hole.

Now lost and in a human form, Mimi must get back home!

Theme: Wave and particle duality”


  • Pixitales - Teamleader, Artist, Game designer, Programmer
  • Mr.Scientist - Project Manager, Programmer, level designer
  • Blood_Jackal23 - Programmer, level designer
  • Joshlynn - Programmer, level designer
  • Lytesander/Lyte - Music composer
  • Corygon - Story writer
  • Bomara - Play tester



Move - WASD / Arrows
Jump - Space
Attack - Left Mouse Button / Z Key
Shoot - Right Mouse Button / X Key
Dash - Ctrl Key
Interact - E
Magical Change - Tab
Pause - Escape
Next Text - Enter

Gamepad (Xbox layout):

Move - Left Stick / D-PAD
Jump - A
Attack - X
Shoot - Y
Dash - Right Trigger
Magical Change - Back
Pause - Start
Next Text - B


Download 38 MB

Development log


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OMG this is awesome! ≧w≦

I really like the transformation ability! The art and music are super cute and the story reminds me of a good visual novel!

I found it sometimes difficult to jump to ledges and climbing the vines is very slow compared to other movement, so there might be room to smooth out some of the keyboard controls.

Also, those spikes have aggressive hit boxes! (>o<)

But overall, it’s really cool! Keep up the great work!


Wow, I cant believe how much awesome art / gameplay your team managed to pack into this! It is really great ! 

Couple of negs:

1) playing this on web on a mac, pressing control + left key is like a shortcut that minimizes the window or something, hehe really killed me a couple of times

2) the boss is pretty but I have to say its really boring/easy to defeat 

3) a minimap would help a lot =] 

Thanks for your feedback!

Yeh I understand the control issues, it's something we can hopefully resolve soon!

For the boss and minimap, we wanted to add more but we ran out of time in the game Jam! Maybe that's something we can change in the future!


A really well oriented pixelated game. The story is so good! Played a story based indie game after a long time. Totally loved the game!

Thanks for your kind comment!



I'm in love with the design of the characters, the game was enjoyable and entertaining, hope to see more of these two characters as I liked their dynamic. Everyone can see just how much effort you guys put so I'm thankful of having the chance to play this game. Awesome job :)

Thanks for your kind words!


Amazing work on this. Haven't gotten very far as I am not that good at platformers. But I do really enjoy it. 

I'm glad you're enjoying it! It's a bit difficult in places for people are good at platformers, so it's great you're still liking it!


Okay I am playing this game and I am LOVING IT! I guess due to playing Rabi Ribi this got my attention but I like this style,

Keep up the good work

Thanks for the comment!!! Glad you're enjoying it!!

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Thanks for your feedback! It's much appreciated, we've address a couple of the issues you mentioned with the dialog & soft lock on the spikes...
(also added the controls into the description)

Hopefully you still enjoyed it :D



Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!